Spring Rolls


Spring Roll is at the heart of all Chinese food and it’s one that many of us can easily be familiar as one of the main Chinese food. Spring Roll is often made with, but not necessarily limited to, pork, bamboo shoot, shiitake cut into juliennes (stir fried with soy source), wrapped in rice wrapper. The origin of this delicious food comes from a story that people made vegetable wraps in Spring during their harvest; hence the spring rolls.


In places like Zhejiang, the spring roll would have azuki beans which makes the roll much sweeter than the regular roll. One that my family ate while we lived in Singapore is the “Shrimp Roll,” regular roll with marinated shrimp and vegetables. This kind of spring roll still makes to our dinner table as “Raw Spring Rolls” since “Shrimp Roll” is wrapped with raw (and perfectly edible) rice wrap. The Spring rolls are also prominent in Vietnam, and Thailand. Moreoever, in India, they have triangular-shaped spring roll with curry spices.


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