We are going to use Korean Gochujang instead of Chinese Doubanjiang. Tofu cooked into refreshing but also hot and spicy flavor makes this dish such a fulfilling meal.

Chinese cellophane noodle has more tasty texture. Leave it in the lukewarm water for 10 minutes.

Heat up salad oil in the wok and then saute ground beef, onions and ginger.


Add Korean Gochujiang here. The key here is to saute really well until the beef absorbs all the goodness from the vegetable juice and Gochujiang.


Add the chicken broth here and soup absorb the flavor from the meat and vegetable. Then add cellophane noodle and seasons it with soy sauce, salt, vinegar. Add a little bit of sesame oil. Then coarsely chop the tofu and then add plenty of chopped green onion in there.